Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What a crazy time!!! Can't believe I've been away so long. I'm sure none of you missed me, but I'm back anyway!!!
Ask away!
; )

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I know it has been a few days. The recovery of my son has been a little rough. To top it off, he has decided to start throwing tantrums. It was actually kinda funny to have a normal baby, to one that throws himself on the floor and kicks around screaming. It is very cute. He will walk around and go to his knees, (since he is unable to flop down due to the surgery) and then sorta squirms around, a little kicking and flailing and screaming. Too funny!!!
Anyway, Royce and I got our first night out alone in well over a year. We decided to go to movie. Well,... I fell asleep before it started. It was the first time in over 1 year that I didn't have to think of the baby and wonder if he was waking up. My step sister and her BF were watching the boys, so I could relax. It was the best nap I ever had.
However, when we got home close to midnight, that baby was up and Nickle had just gotten to sleep. Not the norm! So we had to stay up for a while with baby, give a bottle that he didn't need and he was up twice more that night. Coincidence?, I wonder.
Anywho... Just wanted to check in, give update on baby, and to say I'll be back tomorrow.
Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poor Baby!

So, It took me a while today cause my baby boy had surgery on his boy parts. Poor baby!!! He is in pain, but happy for what it is worth. Every time he falls down, he screams out in pain, :( . However there really isn't anything to do about that.
On the rant side though, the male nurse was trying to prove his worth and knowledge in his field by repeating everything like five times. At the end, in recovery, he was all "you ok mom?", again and again. Also, he was talking about the monitors like I was an infant myself, and I just couldn't look at him anymore. I was trying to talk to my husband about what we were going to have for lunch, (obviously I was OK at this point), and he (the man nurse) was trying to make a bad situation worse.
I admit, I was way worried right before the surgery, during, and after. Then I saw him resting peacefully in recovery. At that point I was fine. But the man kept talking. On and on and on! SHUT UP ALREADY!!! It was like he was trying to prove that he was really smart, but yet needed everyone to know it.
Eh, oh well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check before you go!

SO we took the trips and the baby to see "Horton" yesterday. I was SHOCKED to find they had changed their child pricing policy to INCLUDE babies starting at ONE YEAR OLD!!!
Now I don't know about you and your babies,... but mine is loud and squirmy and would never sit through an entire movie of any sort at this age. This means that the person holding the baby does not get to see the movie as well. Besides, it isn't like they are even taking up a seat either!
I find it outrageous that Cinemark would rather charge for babies, (not that they keep much of the box office profits) then have families come as a whole and spend their money on the food and drink. That's where theaters really make their money.
Anyway, That's my rant about that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

We're moving... again

So we have to move. Where we live is small (tiny) and very expensive. So, my husband was out working and ran into an apartment complex in another part of town for 200 less. A little less room as well. Not much though. On the other hand, everything in it is completly new. So that's a bonus.
I am afraid of lossing our cat though. He has always stayed inside until recently. Now we can't keep him inside! This is how we lost our last cat. Moved to a new place, he wanted out, and never came back. He would always meow at the top of his little (big) voice, and always under foot. Couldn't take the whining anymore, so after about 3 weeks we let him out for a bit. He came back, but then the next time he went out, he was gone. Never saw him again. Well like I said before. Life is what it is. Everything happens for a reason.
I really think that. Good things, as well as the bad. There have been many times in my life when something horrible would happen and I would be so mad at God. "Why would you let this happen?" "How could you let this happen?" After some time, sometimes a lot of time, things seem to make sense. We would have NO money and not be able to pay rent, but then at the last minute it would be there.
One tax season, for example,... We failed to get our taxes done on time. We filed an extension and at the end of the 6 month period they give you, we finally filed at the last minunte and sent them in. By chance, we forgot to sign them. We and IRS went back and forth a few times to get the proper things signed. This took about 2 months. Then, the next year, we finally got our return. It was exactly the amount that we needed to weather the winter months. I was awesome.
So anyway,... I guess thats it for now. My baby is angry, and I need to see what the trips are up to. Have a good one!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Once again

Seems that not even 10 min. goes by and there seems to be another issue in our tiny tini apartment. It isn't any wonder that I started this blog! I have alot to say, and aparently no-one to say it to! Eh, no matter. As long as I get what I want out. S'cool with me.
This is what I want all of you to ask me about. I want to answer all of your questions on relationships, kids, men, women, ect... Whatever it is, I really don't care. I have lots to say!!!,

Oye, what a day.

So, I know I just posted this blog. Never the less, I have an issue already.(duh)
I am married to a great man, that loves me no matter what. However, he comes with twins in tow. They are the same age as my eldest son, 8. So when they come over, there are triplets in our two bedroom apartment. Along with them, we also have a 13 month old baby. (a very loud one) Our bedroom is the living room. Our couch is the bed. Private moments?, I think not.
We have been married for three years (almost). His son still hates my guts. His daughter, on the other hand, calls me mom. How endearing, right?
So anyhow, to the point. They seem to argue ALL THE TIME, with me mostly, my son and their dad. It gets WAY old, and stale. All I want, is to have one weekend that we don't fight, argue, or bicker for no reason what so ever. I love the man, but there seems to be a point where I feel taken over. There are 3 of them, (dad and twins) and the two of us (me and my son).
I hope that my natural son doesn't come across as a mama's boy, but he is. He loves me with all he is.(or at least he thinks so for now.) He will always take my side, comes to cuddle every morning, and always gives hugs and kisses. My son is awesome. I lothe the day he doesn't need me, or want my opinon anymore. :'(
Anyway, I'm off the point. Very much so.
I was trying to say in the first place that I feel icky when my man and I disagree. It just happened to happen tonight. Not the first post I was expecting for all of you. But anyhow, life is what is is. We all got into a big ol' argumement. Myself and my man ended up burried in our laptops. Argh. Not that I mind being here, just not in anger. :(
This is what you can probably expect though. As my intro says, I'm going to write about life. Mine and yours. Lets get to it.